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Staring at a blank page all day can be very devastating. You have no clue about where to start your article. It’s a painful ordeal; a condition that imprisons the mind from grasping the right words. Writer’s block — it’s the rigid partition that stands between a blank page and a completed work. Every writer at one time or the other will face writer’s block. It’s a feeling of getting stuck and lacking the energy to perfectly express your thoughts.

Looking at the long list of outstanding writers, from Ernest Hemingway to Stephen King, almost every great writer engages in…

Why use three words when one is enough?

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In William Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet, Polonius uttered a popular phrase in the second act, “Brevity is the soul of wit […]” This phrase is adjudged as one of the countless witty expressions of the English writer. If wit connotes wisdom, then you need to be brief if you want to make sense either while speaking or writing.

Superb writers have one thing in common: No stories or perambulating, they go for the kill! These are writers that get applause because they put their readers in mind while writing. Readers love writers who go straight to the point.

Apply these rules and watch your writing pop

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Writing is a craft, which means it can be studied, understood, and learnt. It’s natural for you to feel inadequate after reading the works of some excellent writers. But here is the good news, you can be a better writer if you are ready to do the work.

After wrestling with a bouquet of books, I have encountered some of the world’s best writers. George Orwell is one of such beautiful minds that blessed the world with greats gifts such as Animal Farm, 1984, The Road to Wigan Pier amongst many others. …

Save more time, so you can do more writing

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A surgeon without a scalpel has no business in an operating theatre and a sailor without a compass will soon hit an iceberg. In today’s fast-paced world where we swim in a sea of distractions, a writer needs more than a pen and a paper to truly survive and stand out. Tools give leverage which translates to speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the execution of daily projects.

Many believe that writing is effortless and a lazy man’s job. This is why you get a weird look anytime you tell someone that you are a full-time writer. Writing is not for…

Get back into your writing groove even if you have not written anything in two years

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For students, the toughest time to read is when you are fresh in school from a long break. It’s hard to concentrate and get the reading done. Digesting two pages of course content is a headache, and pouncing on a chapter is a battle.

Your favourite places are library halls and reading rooms because you are “roaming for a network.” Perhaps, you could call it the calibration of the body and soul to a condition that can confidently assure you of assimilation. The same is true when you plan to resume active writing after a long break.

For writers, taking…

Writing can be that unique addiction that exhausts you; you write all through the night and read during the day to get inspiration. You assemble letters like a coach sets out with his winning team.

People tell you that they like your articles but the visible likes are abysmally low and the number of shares needs some high heels to see above a fence that is 1 ft. tall. The comments section is as lively as an airport during the pandemic lockdown.

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Sometimes, they call you a jobless folk sitting behind screens and punching keys without paying attention to the…

Toyota is a popular brand but it’s not everyone’s favourite. Coca-Cola has been here for more than a century but some consumers will choose Pepsi ahead of Coke. Does that imply that Coca-Cola is a terrible product? No! Simply because your cousin is a fan of Toyota has nothing to do with the market share of Nissan. If you will go far in your chosen field, you must know how to handle rejections and its sibling — criticisms.

As a writer, you may have the power to control many things but the choice of your readers is not one of…

Are you running on a full-throttle towards your life goals but still feels like your view of the future is bleak? Seems like you are groping for light in a thick mist? Within you, lies a longing for a guide, a desire for a shoulder to lean on and a craving for a heart that cares deeply about your success. Maybe, it’s time for you to consider searching for a mentor.

Are you a student, a fledgling entrepreneur, a budding writer, a young leader, an artist or even an athlete? You don’t have to bear all the burden of success…

You probably have more time on your hands than before, all thanks to the movement restrictions imposed by the pandemic outbreak. As a writer, it makes a lot of sense to use free time for writing a new book. Which is not entirely a bad idea.

I remember a conversation with one of my friends — a published author. Prior to this conversation, we became close friends after I read his first book which I consider to be a brilliant literary meal for intellectual minds.

He told me how he fought self-doubt and summoned the courage to publish his first…

Can you imagine driving a car without mirrors? No rear-view mirror. No side mirrors, too.

You speed like lightning on the highway. Without a knowledge of what’s behind you, you switch lanes at will. You branch into detours without checking the pedestrian lanes.

You are closer to the grave than a corpse. That’s for sure.

You say words like:

“No one can tell me to do anything”

“It’s my life. I can do whatever I want with it.”

“I am an individual. I make my own rules.”

“Oh! Is that what you think about me? Well, I don’t care.”


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